Sunday, September 22, 2013

Banned Books Week - Hitman

Banned Books Week is the last full week of September annually. The official website focuses on books that have been challenged in school districts and libraries. While I support restricting books to certain age levels because of content, books should not be banned because it offends the majority religion.

My first featured banned book is Hitman: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors. This book is no longer in print after being used as a how-to guide for a triple murder in 1993. The victims of the families sued the publisher and eventually settled out of court. Do I think the publisher was responsible? No, no more than violent video games (I'm looking at you, Grand Theft Auto) being at fault if someone is stupid enough reenact the storyline.

You can find a copy of Hitman online. Be careful since I believe this is a book that will get you on a Federal watchlist.

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