Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pagan Prompt - Energy

Do you believe in channeling energy (either your own or from other sources) into objects for a goal or purpose?

Do you conduct rituals to charge objects (with moonlight, water, salts, etc)?

Is the world just a bunch of energy, that we are moving and bending to our will (magic)?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Grounding is channelling energy to or from the Earth. Think of the non-magical definition of grounding; there are some similarities. If you need energy, take some. If you have extra energy, give it back.

I think a lot of magic is psychological. Tools aren't really necessary. You were born with everything you need to perform magic. The tools are a concrete representation to assist our subconscious with what it needs to do. Plus they're really cool to make! I charge my tools with moonlight. It seems fitting. I use filtered water and sea salt to make my holy water.

The universe is full of energy. When we perform rituals, we borrow some of it for our needs and focus it for specific purposes. Again, things like candles, incantations, chanting, arranging things in a certain way, wearing specific clothes, and choosing specific colors all assist our subconscious.

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